Stop The Bike Lane Boondoggle

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Maya Dines
Arnold Sopczak
Donna joan DeGeer
Bonnie Suter
D Sitek
Steve Walton
Myron Kraushar
Luana RB Browne
Jonathan Milroy
Kris Lotzgeselle
Thomas Kamm
Patti White
Arthur Packer
Mary Packer
Tony Schumacher
Les Thompson
Gord Guenard
Janice Schutte
Christopher Davey
Terri St. Clair
Dan Crumb
Nola Schimpf
Shona Miskinack
Marc Klassen
natasha laniuk
Shawna Moroz
Peter N
Tania Gilbey Holt
Jeremy Holt
Mark Holt

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  • Maya Dines
    signed 2023-12-07 14:33:50 -0700
    I believe the Council and the Mayor can look up at grants from the Province/ the Government in order to put more bike lanes. I know bike lanes are needed as some residents use them to commute however more side walks are also needed for any of us using public transportation and walking to get us places within the city. There are a lot of areas with missing side walks which makes it so dangerous.
  • Arnold Sopczak
    signed 2023-12-05 08:52:55 -0700
  • Donna joan DeGeer
    signed via 2023-11-28 07:07:44 -0700
    Please stop this nonsense. Our city is a WINTER city and cannot afford this
  • Bonnie Suter
    signed 2023-11-23 09:25:03 -0700
    Axe the bike lane plans. I have yet to meet a single Edmontonian that is in favor of them despite that city council says people are asking for this. Get real and stop raising our taxes year after year for such nonsense. We live in a winter city, make transit safe and reliable for commuters. Not more underused and over maintained (costly) bike lanes!
  • D Sitek
    signed via 2023-11-13 22:12:19 -0700
    why not have a bill board with all the members of city council that voted the bike that Edmontonians should not vote from on the next election because they are irresponsible with tax payers money .Do the people in city council think that taxes payers have deep pockets and what about seniors with a fixed income are they trying to drive them out of there homes with the high increase in taxes at 7%
  • Steve Walton
    signed 2023-11-04 09:44:23 -0600
  • Myron Kraushar
    signed 2023-11-02 06:22:05 -0600
  • Luana RB Browne
    signed 2023-10-31 23:14:02 -0600
    incredible bike lanes over homes for homeless , veterans,single parent families. can tell these rectums are living and housed very comfortably.

    the need is all year round for housing but dangerous for bikes oct to, often in edmonton, til april. shape up and get your spending pruorities straight for the most helped with our fricking taxes
  • Jonathan Milroy
    signed 2023-10-25 10:15:24 -0600
  • Kris Lotzgeselle
    signed 2023-10-25 09:21:22 -0600
  • Thomas Kamm
    signed 2023-09-28 17:29:04 -0600
  • Patti White
    signed 2023-09-27 08:34:46 -0600
  • Arthur Packer
    signed via 2023-09-26 18:13:58 -0600
    I cycle 500 km a year – and I am absolutely certain we already have enough bike lanes!
  • Mary Packer
    signed 2023-09-26 10:05:15 -0600
    We can get our green points somewhere else!
  • Tony Schumacher
    signed 2023-09-08 16:59:35 -0600
  • Les Thompson
    signed 2023-09-08 10:49:19 -0600
    I’m a cyclist but do NOT want that kind of money spent on useless bike lanes.
  • Gord Guenard
    signed 2023-09-08 10:38:16 -0600
  • Janice Schutte
    signed 2023-09-08 08:24:22 -0600
  • Christopher Davey
    signed via 2023-08-29 05:15:41 -0600
  • Terri St. Clair
    signed 2023-08-29 00:46:05 -0600
  • Dan Crumb
    signed 2023-08-27 23:12:12 -0600
  • Nola Schimpf
    signed 2023-08-22 10:31:52 -0600
  • Shona Miskinack
    signed via 2023-08-21 13:44:04 -0600
    Our property tax has been raised since and you want to waste money on bike lanes .
  • Marc Klassen
    signed 2023-08-21 13:12:53 -0600
    I’m an avid e-bike rider and rarely ever use bike lanes. Why? A lot of times, these lanes are used by pedestrians, scooters, and slow manual bike riders making them dangerous. A lot of the main streets in Edmonton are 3 lanes both ways. So use the far right lane as a bike lane like I do. In the middle of the lane not 6 inches from the curb to stay safer and obey the rules of the road like you would in a car. In fact, I utilize the whole road just like a car when I ride my bike and if the cars don’t like it, they can drive around me. The roads are mainly for cars and should remain mainly for cars buses and trucks. Hardly anyone uses bike lanes anyways and are part of U.N. Agenda 21/2030 or I.C.L.E.I. to get rid of cars who’s lovely emissions of CO2 grow our food. I rarely see anyone in them at all. So if you don’t want to see bike lanes, then be patient with people like I am when on the road or get stuck with another bike lane bill. Riding on the sidewalk is illegal too. Buses and bikes on the road are annoying as a car driver, I know. But that’s just for a few seconds. Bike lanes are permanent and are a political tool to get rid of cars that we still need when it’s -35 C in the winter. Blessed is the most efficient/cost effective internal gasoline/diesel combustion engine, for without it, how many of us would be alive today? Long live the Alberta oil and gas industry and the internal gasoline/diesel combustion engine!
  • natasha laniuk
    signed 2023-08-21 11:58:49 -0600
  • Shawna Moroz
    signed via 2023-08-21 07:24:13 -0600
  • Peter N
    signed 2023-08-20 17:49:05 -0600
    These days reasonability and common sense have been trampled by political correctness and social conformism. Municipal governments ignore the needs of the overwhelming majority in order to make eco friendly fashion statements. Using a bicycle to get around only works when you live with your folks, have near zero responsibility, and work a part time job at some fast food restaurant a block away. This is a phase most of us grow out of, as we start families, businesses, and adult commitments. If I was constrained to a bicycle, it would take hours to run just a portion of the errands I am tasked with every day. Next the city will expect us to abandon the water delivery network and instead walk five gallons of water from the river in clay pots each day. Think of all the plastic pipe we would save, not to mention the fitness benefits. You first, Amarjit.
  • Tania Gilbey Holt
    signed via 2023-08-18 18:03:25 -0600
  • Jeremy Holt
    signed 2023-08-18 17:20:47 -0600
    Please stop wasting money on bike lanes. Please.
  • Mark Holt
    signed 2023-08-18 17:17:17 -0600
    This is clearly not a priority. Council needs to be more responsible to what is actually needed. We are a city of citizens scared to ride public transit. If you want to help the environment, solve that issue!