Edmonton Minute: Canada Day, Hyperloop Dreams, and Fort Edmonton Reopens

Edmonton Minute: Canada Day, Hyperloop Dreams, and Fort Edmonton Reopens


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This Week In Edmonton:

  • Despite summer being underway for many already, it's going to be a surprisingly busy week at City Hall, starting with a City Council meeting today at 9:30 am. Many of the 29 items on the agenda appear to have been carried over from last week, including the use of Research Park Buildings and the Urban Reserve Strategy. The City is also considering loaning $4,000,000 to the Space and Science Centre on 111th Ave. If this meeting does not conclude on Monday, it will continue on Wednesday at 9:30 am.

  • On Tuesday there will be an Agenda Review Committee meeting at 8:30 am, followed at 9:30 am by the Emergency Advisory Committee to give a verbal update on COVID-19, and then a City Council Public Hearing on zoning amendments at 1:30 pm.

  • As mentioned, Monday's City Council meeting will continue on Wednesday at 9:30 am if required, while on Thursday there will be a meeting of the City Manager and City Auditor Performance Evaluation Committee. Lastly, at 9:30 am on Friday there will be a continuation of the Utility Committee meeting from June 25th.


Last Week In Edmonton:

  • We hope you had a great Canada Day. It was hot. Really hot!

  • Fort Edmonton park reopened after three years of construction, just in time for the end of COVID restrictions, although masks will still be required on the train and streetcar. The City of Edmonton loaned $1.68 million to the park earlier in the year to help it through COVID.

  • A hyperloop project between Calgary and Edmonton could start testing as early as 2022. Although a mega-project of this magnitude could be both a great technological innovation and a job creation opportunity, the question remains whether it will ever be practical given the expected $30+ billion cost.




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