Ali Haymour


Ali Haymour

Candidate for Ward 2 (Anirniq)


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I was born and raised in Edmonton and have lived in Ward 2 my whole life. I'm married with three great kids.

I work as an Alberta Sheriff, I am a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia.

Prior to working with the government I built a restaurant from scratch and operated it with my wife, then sold it for a profit and it is still in operation.

I consider myself a centre Conservative but I agree with policies from both sides of the spectrum.

I believe that municipal politics is the best form of government to effect real change as Councilors are not obliged to vote along party lines but can vote according to the wishes of their constituents.

My platform is based on common sense and financial control.

I believe that tax dollars are precious and I don't view citizens as a never-ending source of cash.

I strongly believe that City Councilors need to hold bureaucracy accountable and not allow ever-ballooning project budgets to go unaddressed.

I feel core services are the prime function of a city government and should be prioritized over everything else.

I'm a practical realist not a dreamer and I believe taxpayers should not be on the hook for fanciful pet projects that are of no benefit to most people.

I look forward to serving on City Council and finally giving the residents of Ward 2 the representation they deserve.


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