Edmonton City Budget Engagement

At Common Sense Edmonton, one of our main objectives is keeping an eye on City Hall, on what Council is up to, and on what we can do to make things better for Edmontonians.

Tomorrow will be our new Council's first big test, as they start to debate the budget for our City for the next year.

But, before the debate starts, you have an opportunity to have your say.

Tomorrow, at 9:30 am, the City will be holding a Public Hearing to get Edmontonians' views on what the budget should or shouldn't include.

Aside from the now-closed online survey which we posted about last week, this will be the only chance that the public will have to make their case to Council that taxes and spending are out of control and Edmontonians can't afford even more tax hikes.

The City's operational budget is now over $3 billion dollars a year - yes, that's billion with a B!

The City's capital budget has also grown consistently over the last few years and the 2019-2022 program has now reached over $11 billion.

Given the pandemic and recent economic struggles, we strongly believe that the City should do what needs to be done to find enough savings for a tax freeze, as they did last year (when it was an election year).

Instead, the City is already proposing a 1.8% tax hike, and depending on how Councillor's vote this week, that number could go much higher.

(Last week, Calgary Council started their budget week with a proposed 1% tax hike, and by the time they were finished debating, it was 4% instead!)

It's important that everyday Edmontonians take part in these discussions, to show Council what the public mood is.

If you'd like to help make sure that Council hears the call for fiscal restraint, please consider signing up to speak at the public hearing (either remotely, or in-person) by filling out this form from the City.

You'll need to select City Council Public Hearing, fill in the 29th of November as the date, and specify Agenda Item 6.1 for the Operating Budget or 6.2 for the Capital Budget, or both.

In preparation to speak, you can read more about the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget in the meeting's agenda items at this link here.

If speaking at City Hall isn't your thing, or if you're busy tomorrow, perhaps you could consider making a donation to Common Sense Edmonton instead.

We're working hard every day (Sundays included!) to advocate for small government, free markets, individual freedom, choice, competition, and - of course - common sense - and we'll use any contributions we receive to help get the message out to as many Edmontonians as possible.

Let’s make sure Edmonton City Council hears some common sense ideas, for once!

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