Edmonton Minute: Carding Banned, Alarming Finances, and a New City Manager

Edmonton Minute: Carding Banned, Alarming Finances, and a New City Manager


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  • The City announced it has hired a new City Manager, Andre Corbould, who is currently serving as the Province's Deputy Minister of Education. Corbould will take over the position from Interim City Manager, Adam Laughlin, on January 18th, 2021. Prior to working for the provincial government, Andre served for almost 30 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. We know the City will have many difficult financial decisions ahead, and we wish him the best.

  • As we reported earlier in the week, the City Auditor released an alarming report entitled "City Financial Condition Review". In short, the City is much worse off financially than it was 20 years ago, and operating spending is now 36% higher, even after accounting for inflation and population growth. That's an extra $680 million this year alone - clearly, it's time for some fiscal discipline at City Hall! You can read our in-depth analysis for more details.

  • We were very pleased to see 'carding' (street stops without reasonable cause) banned in Alberta by the Province. The government also introduced new regulations for 'street checks' (street stops with reasonable cause). Edmonton Police Service did recently report to the City that street checks have decreased by 48% in the first 6 months of this year, though this could have easily been an anomaly caused by the pandemic.




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