Edmonton Minute: Secret Plane, Emergencies Act, and Metro Line Extension Returns

Edmonton Minute: Secret Plane, Emergencies Act, and Metro Line Extension Returns


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This Week In Edmonton:

  • City Council kicks off the week with an Agenda Review Committee meeting at 8:30 am on Tuesday, followed by a City Council Meeting at 9:30 am. There will be a large agenda featuring several public reports including topics like the anti-racism strategy, alcohol consumption in River Valley parks, and LRT safety. There will also be an in-camera session to discuss a collective bargaining update.

  • On Wednesday, there is a City Council Public Hearing scheduled from 1:30 pm until 9:30 pm to discuss several zoning amendments. Should City Council not wrap up Tuesday’s meeting by 5:00 pm, time is set aside Thursday at 9:30 am for continuation.

  • The mask debate continues this week. After Calgary voted to repeal its face covering bylaw in concert with the province, Edmonton City Council announced they would be doing no such thing. The City, it seems, wants to live with COVID restrictions as long as possible?


Last Week In Edmonton:

  • It was revealed that the Edmonton Police Service has a Cessna plane which they have kept secret for almost 30 years. The secret was revealed when a Councillor asked about the plane at a public meeting, not knowing that, in fact, the plane was a secret. The City recently approved over $4 million dollars for a new plane, as the old 1980 Cessna will retire soon. So much for transparency!

  • City Council decided to reprioritize the Metro Line LRT expansion to the Castle Downs area after the new 15-year transit plan didn’t recommend investing in the line. The Mayor said it was important that all areas of the city receive equitable public transportation.

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in a massive act of government overreach, invoked the Emergencies Act in order to deal with border blockades and a demonstration against COVID-19 mandates in downtown Ottawa. While the protest certainly disrupted the lives of those who reside in downtown Ottawa, the Emergencies Act was an extreme response. This marked the first time in history the Act had been invoked. Its predecessor, the War Measures Act, was used by Pierre Elliott Trudeau to deal with the FLQ crisis after over 200 bombs had been set off and the Deputy Premier of Quebec had been kidnapped and murdered.




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