Giselle General


Giselle General

Candidate for Ward 7 (sipiwiyiniwak)


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I'm Giselle General and I am running for City Council for ward sipiwiyiniwak. I am running because I believe that it's time FOR a city that works for the everyday Edmontonians like you and me!

Regardless of ability, age, education, background, income. I believe everyone deserves to have city policies, programs, and services that help  build a better life. I think that too often, decisions are made without understanding how it affects people on an individual level and that's what I plan to change. For instance, I can't drive and NEED to take transit, and changes in transit impacts thousands of people like me in the city. I'm a proud Filipino-Canadian, brought over to Canada after my brother and I became orphans. West Edmonton has been my home since 2008. I have extensive community service track record, Rio Terrace Community League, Edmonton Transit Advisory Board, Alberta Filipino Journal, I'm a blood and hair donor and a volunteer seamstress. I also have a business background, operating a family business in the Philippines and with my Commerce degree from the University of Alberta. I understand numbers, processes and logistics, and I'm passionate about serving the community. We deserve public servants that act with integrity and transparency and show that. My donors list is ALREADY public, for everyone to see who supports me and why I am doing this for – everyday people. The key points of my platform are:

  • Accessible, inclusive, safe, and equitable city
  • Addressing climate change and protecting the River Valley
  • Supporting local in all city initiatives
  • Transportation, infrastructure, and public transit
  • Fiscal responsibility and efficiency for economic recovery


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