Keren Tang


Keren Tang

Candidate for Ward 11 (Karhiio)



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The first thing I said to my husband after completing my Canadian citizenship ceremony in 2015 was, “I think I’m going to run for office now!”

It just makes sense to me. I view it as an opportunity to directly address the disconnect I see between citizen voices and City Hall.

I am a bridge builder. I receive great satisfaction from helping my fellow citizens enact initiatives that work for all of us.

Having our voices represented at the highest level of municipal government matters, and so does having our leaders reflect the evolving community of Edmonton.

If we truly want to affect change, we need people who not only understand governance but also have practical, hands-on experience, and know-how to navigate City administration, policies, procedures, and structures. We need people who can advocate, organize, and bring people together—people who often don’t work together or even necessarily agree with each other —in productive ways.

We are also at a pivotal moment in history as our city recovers from a pandemic. Whoever is elected into office will need to take a people-centred and evidence-based approach to decisions.

They will need to act quickly and focus on the issues that matter. They will need to engage efficiently with their constituents and enact practical measures to address our economy, our social well-being, and our climate.

Above all, City Councillors will need to consider what is best for the health of everyday Edmontonians in all their decision making, to ensure an efficiently run city is also a just city that leaves no one behind.

These are the skills I have honed.

I am a public health professional, actively involved in the innovation sector, with experience in provincial and city policies.

I’m ready to be your next city councillor.


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