Stop The Bike Lane Boondoggle

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Who's Signing?

Julie Van Hill
Dorothy Swanson
Jacinthe Phillips
Arnold Petterson
Dianne Stretch-Strang
David Hunt
Carol Provins
Kevin Black
Maureen Matia
Robert Thompson
Charles Gerhart
garet stewart
Norbert Frank
Sasa Vorkapic
Peter Leveille
Tom Olthoff
Marlene Larabie
Claudette Mccartney
Darryl Wiebe
Darvin Puhalsky
Dennis Blackburn
Andrea Colby
Mike Pelley
Jeff Ladtiwka
David Redman
Walter Dobrovolsky
Susanne Leveille
Heather M
Wayne Moorhead
Coryl Schulee

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  • Julie Van Hill
    signed 2022-12-11 20:50:45 -0700
  • Dorothy Swanson
    signed 2022-12-11 20:50:14 -0700
    Housing is the most important over a bycycle lane.
  • Jacinthe Phillips
    signed 2022-12-11 20:49:47 -0700
  • Arnold Petterson
    signed 2022-12-11 20:49:03 -0700
    We should defeat every councillor who voted to spend $100 millions on bike paths instead of putting $$ towards places like Win House who take in mothers & children who have to leave home because of domestic violence ! And things like affordable housing and accommodation for the homeless! Bike paths are a nice thing but unnecessary!! Let’s kick out this ugly City Council!! Can we start a legal process??
  • Dianne Stretch-Strang
    signed 2022-12-11 20:48:47 -0700
    Edmonton excels at boondoggles—LRT, bike lanes. There appears to be no conception of reality from the city’s elected officials or planners. It is easy to spend some one else’s money and endlessly virtual signal their abject slavery to so-called climate change. Meanwhile Edmonton becomes a dump.
  • David Hunt
    signed 2022-12-11 20:48:15 -0700
  • Carol Provins
    signed 2022-12-11 20:48:12 -0700
  • Kevin Black
    signed 2022-12-11 20:48:05 -0700
    Removal of all bike lanes is a must
  • Maureen Matia
    signed 2022-12-11 20:47:40 -0700
  • Robert Thompson
    signed 2022-12-11 20:46:15 -0700
    A waste of money, I’m a retired senior and can’t afford higher taxes,
  • Charles Gerhart
    signed 2022-12-11 20:45:55 -0700
  • garet stewart
    signed 2022-12-11 20:45:55 -0700
  • Norbert Frank
    signed 2022-12-11 20:45:48 -0700
  • Sasa Vorkapic
    signed 2022-12-11 20:45:42 -0700
  • Peter Leveille
    signed 2022-12-11 20:45:17 -0700
    Is our mayor and council using logic and thinking with their brains? I think not.
  • Tom Olthoff
    signed 2022-12-11 20:45:14 -0700
  • Marlene Larabie
    signed 2022-12-11 20:44:30 -0700
  • Claudette Mccartney
    signed 2022-12-11 20:44:06 -0700
    This is TOTALLY ludicrous! I cannot believe it’s even thought of after the miserable Covid struggles we just lived though. I cannot say enough. I’m sick about this!
  • Darryl Wiebe
    signed 2022-12-11 20:43:42 -0700
  • Darvin Puhalsky
    signed via 2022-12-11 20:43:23 -0700
  • Dennis Blackburn
    signed 2022-12-11 20:42:09 -0700
  • Andrea Colby
    signed 2022-12-11 20:42:04 -0700
  • Mike Pelley
    signed 2022-12-11 20:41:45 -0700
  • Jeff Ladtiwka
    signed 2022-12-11 20:41:31 -0700
  • David Redman
    signed 2022-12-11 20:41:24 -0700
    A winter city, in debt, with homeless issues, snow removal issues, in a time when people are struggling to put food on the table. This type of virtue signalling is simple deadly.
  • Walter Dobrovolsky
    signed 2022-12-11 20:41:08 -0700
    Wake up Sohi . Fix the roads and the snow removal issues. You are misguided and a reason why Edmonton has not been in the top 100 cities in the world. Pay down the debt!
  • Susanne Leveille
    signed 2022-12-11 20:40:18 -0700
  • Heather M
    signed 2022-12-11 20:40:14 -0700
    That money could be used for setting up homes for the homeless,helping with food there are way more issues to deal with now than bike lanes used for 6 months AND to increase our taxes 4 +percent when so many are not working! HERES an idea get the homeless homes working and they can contribute to the tax .There is a time to be frugal and that is now , we don’t all get what we want when times are tough! Mayor Sohi !!!🤬Edmonton council is as bad as the federal spending money on everything but its residents!
  • Wayne Moorhead
    signed 2022-12-11 20:40:11 -0700
    WE need to get rid of this council.
  • Coryl Schulee
    signed 2022-12-11 20:40:11 -0700